LaTeshia I  Miss Flaky Bakes - Founder of Flaky Bakes

It was Thanksgiving 2013, and my Mom was baking her sweet potato pie! I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for the whole pie to finish baking, so I took some of the leftover pie crust and filling and made a little closed pie. That day, the piekie was created! After months of taste tests with family and friends, Flaky Bakes launched on June 16, 2014!

With Flaky Bakes and our piekies, I hope to leave the same lifelong impression on you as my grandmother’s pound cakes left on me! 


With love and sugar,

Lateshia, Ms. Flaky Bakes


"I started Flaky Bakes by accident and out of impatience."

I’d always had a connection to sweets, which started with my dearly departed grandmother’s homemade pound cakes. Which I LOVED! But, I never saw myself becoming a baker. It just happened!


Miss Flaky Bakes - Originator of the Piekie